Unbelievable, but a miraculous version of Garlic !

When indigenous knowhow coalesce modern technology

Inhabited by almost 75% of tribals, majority of population from North East Region possess great knowledge owing to the life-skills in the hilly terrains. The indigenous know-how about edible plants, processing and preservation of foods for consumption or medicinal purposes has been a household rescue for the people living in this region. 
With the awake of technological interventions, a lot of recent progress and scientific studies has been put in place on various indigenous food acquired from fertile lands of NER keeping the pulse of the cultural food patterns. These foods are found to be rich in the socio-cultural, ecological, spiritual life and wellness aspects.

The art of ageing garlics, referred as Poka-Nohoru (Ripened Garlic) on the bamboo shelves placed above traditional wood-fired kitchen is one of such practices which has become almost extinct in run of time. But those who had a taste and access of it still adore it by heart. We at Tholua® has been instrumental in reviving this traditional practice since quite a long time.  Keeping the zest of the old tradition and involving the communities, we are proud to present the most elusive, exotic, nutrient-dense and tasty aged garlic for your satisfaction.

The garlic ageing value chain we adore

Why Tholua® aged garlic?

Tholua ® Aged garlic as a “bio-micronutrient” easily gets blended into different food recipes and enhances food value where it is added. Aged garlic enhances the nutritional properties of most of the less nutritive convenient foods. Tholua ® Aged garlic blends very well with some popular food categories like Spices/Masala, Dark Chocolate, Garnishing Oils, Mayonnaise, Spreads, Chutneys, Pizza, Burgers, Energy Drinks, Noodles, Western/Indian Snacks and other similar convenient foods by enhancing the taste and nutritional value. 

Merits of Tholua ® Aged garlic are –

  • It is sweet and mellow without the pungent garlicky smell.
  • It can be blended easily with different recipes delivering a new taste and texture.
  • Lesser burden on consumers to keep checking the daily micro nutritional intake once Tholua ® Aged garlic based are consumed.
  • Tholua ® Aged garlic provides a pleasant mouth feel, antioxidants, and essential amino acids to the body.
  • Tholua ® Aged garlic has water and lipid-soluble organosulphur compounds for different industrial use.
  • It helps to manage Metabolic Disorders, Genitourinary Tract Diseases, Digestive Diseases, Cardiovascular System Diseases, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cancer Diseases.

Aged garlic vs. White garlic

Eat for health. Not for taste. Tasting good is a bonus !

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