We are happy to be a part of global business ecosystem for sustainable socio economic development. We channelise our synergy for a happier and healthier tomorrow adopting farmers, growing organic foods, manufacture in state of art facility and sourcing various indigenous and exotic superfoods that assists consumers in finding “Better For You” (BFY) products and services. We grow and pick raw ingredients through and integrated value chain and manufacture with utmost care to retain the nutritional value till the last bite. That way our valued consumer can rest assured that the produce on their table is responsible, safe and delicious.

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” We manufacture super foods using indigenous food processing know how, to deliver optimum natural nutrition and exciting taste, every time to our consumers”


“A World of Happy People with a Healthier Gut”


We will revive ethnic and indigenous food recipes to make consumers happy and healthy. Our aim is to reduce food mileage and waste and become energy self sufficient with help of renewable energy. We will always be a responsible corporate citizen and support the ecosystem in land restoration.


THOLUA (থলুৱা) is an Assamese (অসমীয়া) word pronounced as “Tho-Lu-Wa”. THOLUA as a “Native” or “Indigenous” person or a community having lived or existed in a place since the earliest known time, are experts in “natural food processing techniques and lifestyle habits”.

The idea of THOLUA PRATISTHAN was conceived a decades ago, upon realising the importance of a happy gut flora for a happy and healthy life. A happy gut is an asset of life. With change in daily routines, food habits, loss of nutritions per bite and dependency on artificial food preservative, we are disturbing our digestive systems and making the gut flora unhappy.Our effort is to bring back the attention of the world to the treasure of knowledge of our ancestors, none but who knew how to use food as a best health care solution. Over the years extensive hard work, we have been able to gather a know how on few of those ancient food and beverages recipes, which has a proven track record as a healthy option.


THOLUA Products are a package of history, diversity and a culture related to food and ethnicity. We roam across the world to learn, treasure and recreate a palate of better-for-you (BFY) products without diluting its ethnic touch and health beneficial properties. THOLUA products are a blend of mouth watering taste and ethnicity. Our products are manufactured using indigenous food processing techniques to retain the richness of prebiotics, probiotics and health beneficial enzymes. The products are capable of topping up the gut flora while satisfying consumers with utmost taste and convenience.

Fermented foods have been a well-established part of the human diet for thousands of years. The use of many organisms derived from these foods, and their applications in probiotics, have further illustrated their impact on gastrointestinal wellbeing and diseases affecting other sites in the body.
Dr. Borokha Phukan
Medical Practitioner



Dr. R.K. Thakuria

Chief Scientist, AICRP on IRRIGATION WATER MANAGEMENT, AAU, Jorhat. Pioneer in the development of modern methods of Makhana (Fox Nuts) cultivation.


Shri Subir Singha

Head Agri Business & Business Develpemnt at Truvalu.startups. Truvalu.startups is a startup accelerator that helps agrifood business enter the emerging economies.


Dr. Anil Kumar

Assistant Professor-cum-Jr. Scientist (Horticulture-Fruit), BAU, Sabour. Expert in Enterprise Management through Makhana (Euryale ferox Salib) Production System Management.


Shri P. Periwal

Certified CA from the ICAI with experience of over a decade in Asia and Africa. Worked for MNC's like Vodafone Essar Limited, Olam etc. Seasoned in financial modelling for startups.