With "better-for-you (BFY)" foods, we endeavor to fulfill the daily need of a progressive consumer who are increasingly redefining their food culture for health and wellness.

"By now, the world knows Assam for its Tea. Why not for its indigenous recipes! The land is a treasure of healthy food & snacking habits. It is our endeavour to make the world try and savour it."
Trishnashree Dutta
"A balanced routine of food intake with proper nutrition is key to a happy health. Understanding good nutrition and paying attention on what we eat is equally important to maintain or improve our health"
Priyanka Gogoi


At THOLUA PRATISTHAN, we believe that the human body and mind does extraordinary wonders while pumping blood, transmitting neurological signals to make our life meaningful. As an reward of the efforts it demands nourishment and a balanced lifestyle. But how many of us care to fulfil this demand? The idea of THOLUA PRATISTHAN was conceived a decades ago, upon realising the importance of a happy gut flora for a happy and healthy life. A happy gut is an asset of life, and becomes a concern when we disturb the natural flora. With change in daily routines, food habits, loss of nutritions per bite and dependency on artificial food preservative, we are disturbing our digestive systems and making the gut flora unhappy. It is not that we are ignorant and do not care about a healthy living. The problem is in limitation of resources like time, knowledge and ingredients to prepare and consume healthy food. We wish to popularise the treasure of knowledge of our ancestors, who knew how to use food as a best health care solution. We are fortunate to associate with the land of North East India, which have a rich heritage over healthy and tasty food recipes. Over the years extensive hard work, we have been able to gather a know how on few of those ancient food and beverages recipes, which has a proven track record as a healthy option. Presently, looking at the daily routine of an adult, we are positioning health care food options wherever we can. Please go through our product section for a glimpse of the options. We are on top of discovering more healthy and happy food products, to spread smile. Whenever you will come back to us never forget to ask what is new on the plate. #HappyLiving

Fermented foods have been a well-established part of the human diet for thousands of years. The use of many organisms derived from these foods, and their applications in probiotics, have further illustrated their impact on gastrointestinal wellbeing and diseases affecting other sites in the body.
Dr. Borokha Phukan
Medicine Practitioner



We are happy to be a part of global business ecosystem for sustainable socio economic development. We channelise our synergy for a happier and healthier tomorrow adopting farmers, growing organic foods, manufacture and sourcing various indigenous, exotic superfoods that assists consumer in finding the "better for you" (BFY) product and services. We grow and pick raw ingredients through an integrated value chain and manufacture with utmost care to retain the nutrients till the last bite. That way, our valued customers can be rest assured that the produce on their table is responsible, safe and delicious.



Mr. T Dutta

Masters in International Business Management, India. Over 14 years of experience in Brand Marketing and startup projects in different industry verticals like Consumer Electronics, Consumer Durables, SaaS, Telecom, FMCG and Retail.

Amit Garg Tholua

Mr. Amit Garg

Masters in Retail Management, Ireland. Expert in retailing strategy and cross function for merchandising. Over 18 years of experience as a retail consultant in US, North America, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Ireland.

Ramani Kanta Thakuria Tholua

Dr. RK Thakuria

Chief Scientist, AICRP on IRRIGATION WATER MANAGEMENT Assam Agricultural University Jorhat. Published multiple research paper on Agricultural ecosystem. Pioneer in the development of modern methods of Makhana (Fox Nuts) cultivation.

Anil Kumar Tholua

Dr. Anil Kumar

Assistant Professor-cum-Jr. Scientist (Horticulture-Fruit), BAU, Sabour, Bhagalpur. Expert in Enterprise Management Capability through Makhana (Euryale ferox Salib) Production System Management.


Mr. Pulin Kalita

An Architect profession and carries over 20 years of experience in design thinking, project management, liasoning and team management. Known for innovative leadership in architectural projects.


Assam Startup

An initiative Assam Government to create a start-up ecosystem in the state with a focus on generating employment, stimulating startup culture and nurturing start-ups in the initial stage.


The IIM Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP) is a not for profit (Section 8) company established under the aegis of IIM Calcutta to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

DPIIT, India

Startup India is an initiative of the Government of India. The primary objective of which is the promotion of startups, generation of employment, and wealth creation

ICCo, Guwahati

ICCo is a development organization working to achieve the twin core principles of ‘Securing Sustainable Livelihoods’ and ‘Justice and Dignity for All’ in India.

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