Traditional Food Preservation methods

Foods are preserved when people have surplus foods or for future food insecurity. While in this journey since many hundred years, a number of different food preservation systems were discovered and innovated based on daily experiences. Over the years people has learned to use natural energy, biomass, evaporation, cooling, fermentation etc for food preservations.

The Chronological Order Of The Various Food Preservation Methods – (Source:

  • 12,000 BC: Sun Drying 
  • 500 BC: Jam
  • 1400 AD: Curing
  • 1784 AD: Refrigeration
  • 1809 AD: Canning
  • 1871 AD: Pasteurization
  • 1940 AD: Dehydration
  • 1945 AD: Vacuum Packaging
  • 1905 AD: Irradiation
  • 2000+ AD: Chemical Preservatives

There is a change in the food preservation techniques depending upon the resources availability and the industry has moved towards more chemical preservative dependencies. Though there have been continuous improvements to make practical and convenient methods to preserve foods, but yet the traditional methods are considered to be better and safe from the perspective of health and wellness. READ MORE

THOLUA® mostly uses traditional methods

There may be many food producers who are good in modern food preservation and processing methods and earning in billions. We at THOLUA® are fascinated to use the traditional approaches under hygienic conditions, while keeping the products safe and beneficial as it should be. We are governed a world class commitment of food safety, at the same time keeping the traditional root in practice.

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