THOLUA® Products are a package of history, diversity and a culture related to food and ethnicity. We roam across the world to learn, treasure and recreate a palate of better-for-you (BFY) products without diluting its ethnic touch and health beneficial properties. THOLUA® products are a blend of mouth watering taste and ethnicity.

At THOLUA® PRATISTHAN, we team up to a create business ecosystem for sustainable socio economic development. We channelise our synergy for a happier and healthier tomorrow adopting farmers, growing organic foods, manufacture and sourcing various indigenous, exotic superfoods to assist consumer in their search of “better for you” (BFY) product and services. Making gut friendly superfoods affordable and accessible is our commitment towards the global community of consumers.

We curate and offer a gamut of food and lifestyle product that has been discovered many hundred years ago the indigenous tribes and are popular for their beneficial properties to live a happy, health and meaningful life.

THOLUA® PRATISTHAN is happy to be a part of global cultural ecosystem with the treasure on indigenous knowledge pertaining to agriculture, food, medicine, and natural resources.

THOLUA® PRATISTHAN uses proprietary methods of food processing and preservations to enhance taste and nutritions till the last bite.

We manipulate different microbial population to develop a universe of unique aroma, flavour and textures to satisfy the taste buds. Thanks to our predecessors for transferring the magical techniques for the benefit of generations. “Think global. Act local. Let’s be the glo-cal THOLUA.”


North East India is the homeland of a large number of ethnic groups including approx 145 tribal communities. These groups belong to different racial stocks, speak different languages and have varied socio- cultural traditions, dresses, and exotic way of life.


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