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We grew up listening to this proverb, “Always trust your gut, it knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet”. May be our ancestors had this consciousness long before we started depending on laboratory sciences. Today amidst the threat of new viruses like COVID 19 and other lifestyle diseases, we all have understood how important it is to live with an improved immunity being good to the gut.

Our gut consists of approximately 80% of the immune system and at the same time responsible to produce 95% of the ‘feel-good’ hormone, i.e., serotonin. Apart from awarding a healthy body the gut stimulates the mood also. This is why we firmly believe that to live a happy, healthy life and to reach the wellness goal, we must nurture the gut system containing millions of micro biomes.

The gut, stomach intestines is a part of our digestive system to where food goes after consumption and gets broken down into nutrient and waste. It contains a good amount of bacteria or micro biome, that helps in absorption of nutrients from the food we eat. These bacteria’s determine the strength of our immunity, body weight and our digestive capacity. We must maintain the right balance of gut micro biome to reach the overall wellness goal.

It is a fact that, in our busy life schedule we hardly keep a track of our digestive health. It will continue to be like this until we come to a lockdown like situation or start adding fermented foods, rich in probiotics to pamper the gut micro biome. According to a GOQii India Fit Report, the issues around gut health seem to be increasing year on year, indicating a downward trend in India’s health.

To bring in a solution and enable a stress free daily routine, without major shifts in the lifestyle; we introduce our probiotic rich fermented food top-ups for the benefit of the digestive health. These top ups are perfect fit for every Indian and International occasion starting from breakfast routine, office lunch, evening snacks or a fine dinning experience. Consumers need to just add small portion of it along with the regular food and increase the chances of enjoying maximum benefits making the gut micro biomes to top up with their kind of food.

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Ethnic foods for an improved digestive health.

Indigenous knowledge on food processing and preservation and their biological functions through dietary components in the human body is already well accepted across the globe. With a vision to revive ethnic and indigenous foods for an improved digestive health, we THOLUA® | NATURA SANAT is a new house hold name from Assam, Northeast India that is helping consumers in reaching the wellness goal in more convenient, accessible and affordable way.

Ethnic food are based on natural resources. The functional properties of such foods can be further enhanced indigenous processing techniques such as sprouting, malting and fermentation to bring taste, convenience and texture.


“You understand the nutritional demand of your body, but is it convenient for you to source? Is the cost and effort involves in sourcing makes you opt out? Is taste comes first when you decide to consume your meal? We understand that all the above aspects are important to live a fulfilling life. But very few of us can can have a win-win situation. THOLUA® NATURA SANAT is here to make everyone win a healthy lifestyle with a range of ethnic and indigenous better-for-you (BFY) products. To know more write to us: info [at] tholua [dot] com


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